Supplementing A Painting Insurance Claim

When processing an insurance claim, some people dread the idea their property may have other damage unnoticed by the inspector. If this is your case, there is no need to worry. You can process an insurance supplement to fix your house painting. Whether your initial estimate was off or some damage went unnoticed, filing an insurance supplement is the solution.

Common House Painting Damage

Two types of damage can incur mechanical and chemical problems with house painting jobs. Depending on the extent of the damages, you might be able to supplement either one or both types of repair work. Now, let’s explore how you can supplement a roof painting claim.


After receiving your insurance settlement for the job site damage, it is time to receive an estimate from a contractor to complete the necessary repairs. Make sure that this quote will cover all damages and not just the mechanical issues alone. Usually, when you are getting an estimate, they will also issue you a work order or contract that states what the project entails. Once you have agreed on everything, you are ready to start your renovations!

Renovating With Insurance

Make sure to take photos of each room before starting, so if there happens to be any argument about how certain damages came about, these pictures will help put together the case. Also, note if anything was moved or taken out during restoration work, so nothing gets damaged in the process.


Finally, when you update your insurance company on the status of each room, make sure they approve of having the rooms renovated. If they deny, don’t despair! You can ask if it is possible to supplement some of the damages with another type of renovation. This will allow you to get back some of the money you lost during your claim!

Experts In Supplements

If you’re looking for an expert insurance supplement company that can help you in the process of supplementing an insurance claim, look no further. At Supplement Experts, we’re ready and prepared to help you out. House painting is an essential element of your house, and we understand why it matters for you to fix it. Let us help you out with your insurance supplement.





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