Supplementing A Window Insurance Claim

Restoring your windows is a crucial aspect of protecting your home. If you discover window damage it would be best to file a window insurance claim to supplement your initial claim. Discover why it would be best and how to file an insurance supplement after an inspector viewed your home.




Why Insurance Supplement Claims Matter

A supplement insurance claim is when you report damages found after an inspection of your property. These damages can be anything from termites in the wood to faulty plumbing, gas leaks, etc. You can report these issues almost immediately after being notified of them because they are considered “covered perils” under most policies.


Common Window Damages

Windows can suffer various damages from time, wear, or accidents. Sometimes this damage may go unnoticed. Some common window damages can be tiny cracks or chips, easily detected by sight. These damages are often covered under the homeowners’ basic insurance policy. 


Window damage needs to be repaired as soon as possible. These damages pose a safety risk to a house and raise heating and cooling costs. If these damages are not repaired soon after the discovery, they may cost more to fix.


Supplement Window Insurance Claims Process Steps

If you find damage not previously disclosed by your insurer, contact them immediately if they cover it; great! They may ask for photos or videos of the damage over email or phone calls. You should also inform any contractors currently working on your home about the uncovered damage if applicable.


  • Your next steps will depend on how the damage is covered under the policy. 
  • If it’s a plumbing or electrical issue, you may be able to file a supplement claim right away. 
  • Other problems may require more research on your part. 
  • For instance, if there was water damage from a faulty roof shingle, the answer would depend on when the leak occurred and how long you were aware of it before reporting.


Supplement Experts

These claims can take anywhere from one day to several weeks to process, depending on their entail. If any further questions arise regarding your supplemental insurance claims, call us at Supplement Experts. We’re happy to provide guidance and resources.




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