Why You Should Be Using Roofing Supplements

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When you work with insurance roofing claims, supplements are vital for business growth. At times you can even struggle to get your jobs done without supplements. It would be best if you considered hiring a supplement company that allows contractors to complete more projects in the same amount of time, with high-quality services. 

This blog post explains the basics of supplementing and the benefits of increasing your company’s profit. 

What Are Roofing Supplements?  

Supplementing is when a roofing company asks or requires additional labor, materials, or trades to be added to an insurance claim. This happens when the adjuster at the insurance company does not include enough materials. Supplementing an insurance claim is an act of adding charges for items that were overlooked, underpaid, or discovered while working on the roofing project.

By using roofing supplements, you’ll help homeowners receive the insurance payout they deserve and guarantee that your customers return.

The best way to ensure your roofing supplements are going to be successful is to: 

  • Implement supplementing to your company as soon as possible
  • Use a platform such as Xactimate 
  • Take photos and videos as resources
  • Outsource the process of supplementing to a supplementing company

How To Use Supplements 

Roofing contractors lose profit everytime they don’t supplement their jobs. Using supplements is vital for business growth, to help you optimize your revenue and make your clients come back. 

Using a platform such as Xactimate can also be complex even for those who have experience in the roofing insurance industry. Sometimes even adjusters struggle to take all variables into account when making an estimate. 

Adjuster’s Xactimate estimates can be different from a roofing contractor’s estimate which is why supplementing makes it easier to get the process done with. 

How To Prepare Your Supplements

The best way to prepare to have successful supplements is to document and take photographs of all the aspects you need to present. This will help adjusters realize that you have taken actual photos of the home, including damaged components of the roof. For these pictures to be useful, you should have an explanation, date and time, and mailbox of each property. 

Generally, desk adjusters may have limited experience of the actual work needed in a roofing job – but, some who have Xactivate knowledge and can take a look and monitor your property with better attention.

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Roofing Supplements

  • Crucial For Business Growth – Increase Profit and Productivity

As roofing contractors, you know how important it is to find roofers who will be the best fit for your company. But finding quality roofers can take a lot of time and money. 

With supplements, you can increase the number of roofs you can complete on any given day.

  • Work Efficiently – Increase Average Claim Size 

By hiring roofing workforce supplements, you can have the flexibility to bring on more help when needed and reduce the completion time of your project. One of the main reasons to hire roofing supplements is to increase your average claim size. Having more people on the job can complete the work faster and get it done right the first time.

  • Prevent Additional Costs  – Supplement Companies Are Trained To Use Xactimate

You will prevent additional costs by supplementing your roofing company – you will avoid rejected supplements and will probably work faster than before. Supplementing all the jobs you receive will generate you more money than you expected. If you are inexperienced in supplementing, you might even lose money. 

Supplement companies have received extensive training to use the Xactimate software.

  • Communication – Receive Regular Updates 

When you work with a supplement roofing company, part of the service includes staying up-to-date on the latest changes in your claims. Working with a supplementing company is ideal for business owners because they assure that you can rest easy and focus on using your time managing your business.

Supplement Your Businesses’ Workforce

Have you been thinking about supplementing? Are you struggling with finding enough roofers to get all of your jobs done? Hiring a supplement consultant allows contractors to complete more projects in the same amount of time, with top-quality services.  Consider supplementing your roofing projects when you are interested in business growth! 

Working with a roof supplement company will contribute to your business’s growth, and will help you save money at the same time.

If you’re looking for an insurance supplement company, Supplement Experts is your best choice! We work across the whole nation providing our top-quality roofing supplements.Click on the link below to contact us! 


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