Why You Should Provide Homeowners with the Option to Finance

Roofing replacements or repairs are expensive! Even if the potential customer has an undeniable need for repair, it is common that you will be told, “we can’t afford that right now.” Many sales are lost due to the expense homeowners are expected to pay all at once. 

This is where financing comes in handy for both parties. Roof financing allows homeowners alternatives to paying upfront and can help you close more deals! 

How Does Roof Financing Work?

The cost of repairing or replacing a roof is more than many homeowners can afford to pay all at once. With financing, the price is spread out over time, providing homeowners with a much less stressful way to get their roof the work it needs. Your company can offer this financing with the help of a third-party consumer financing company. They will set you up with a rate sheet that lists interest rates and how to calculate monthly payments. 

What Are the Benefits of Roof Financing?

Many benefits come with offering financing to your customers. Financing helps make unaffordable repairs doable. They help to relieve the financial burden that the full upfront cost can place on a family. There are also many different personalized options available. These benefits remove stress from the roofing process, allowing the customer to pay for repairs or replacement without worrying about the large payment needed to complete the project.. This directly benefits you by gaining more customers who are likely to return to your business for their next service due to flexibility and affordability. 

How Does Financing Help Sell More Jobs?

Although it may seem like financing is more beneficial to the customer than your business, there are many ways that it can help your company as well. Sales lost due to the need to pay in total and upfront can be saved by offering financing.  Less business would be lost because a customer “just can’t afford it right now.” Your sales team can use financing as a selling point, appealing to buyers and giving you a competitive advantage. It shows customers that you understand the struggles of needing roofing repairs. By the time the process comes to an end, your customers will leave feeling thrilled not to have broken the bank and grateful for the work that you have done. Satisfied customers lead to repeat customers and positive reviews! 

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