It’s the most wonderful time of the year! While winter brings Christmas and the new year, it also brings severe weather that can threaten roofers’ safety. Although winter is usually a slower season for many roofing companies, it’s still important to use safe practices when you do have a job to complete. This blog discusses...


School has started back up, Labor Day has passed, and Holidays are approaching. It is Fall! The busiest season for roofers is the end of Summer through Autumn. Is your business ready to take on the whirlwind of clients needing inspections, repairs, and replacements? Keep reading to learn why Fall is the busiest time for...


If you are a homeowner, and someone you hired shows up at your house in a beat-up truck, speeding down the road, and dressed in attire covered in stains, you would immediately be skeptical of their service. Compare this experience to yours. What vehicle do you use when visiting customers? What are you wearing when...


Generating roofing leads is one of the most vital steps in running a successful roofing business. Facebook ads are especially effective if you are trying to grow your business on a limited budget. They can generate quality leads and roofing jobs for your business. Ads on Facebook allow you to grow your audience, find new...


The damage that your home’s roof might have experienced through a storm could be hazardous. The scariest part of this is that most homeowners may not be fully aware of all damage that may have occurred. This is why providing homeowners with a thorough damage assessment is extremely important.  When a quality damage assessment is...


Did you know that the roofing industry is composed of approximately 150,000 roofers? It is reasonable to worry about how your roofing business stacks up to the competition with numbers like that. How does your company stand out?  Whether you are a small or large contractor, here are some of the best practices for improving...

We have created a list of commonly missed items that could be missing from your roof estimate for your adjuster or insurance claims. There are many reasons  why these items are not included like a new adjuster, changed regulations or codes, and more. These missed items can often be legitimate supplement claims. The best way...


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