Denied Claims: What’s The Next Step

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Has your roofing company ever received a denied insurance claim? Many contractors would see a denied claim as a big obstacle or might even see it as the only outcome to a claim. Luckily, supplement companies can help you solve this problem. 

This blog post discusses the basics of denied claims and how supplementing companies can help you through this process. 

  • What Is A Denied Roofing Supplement Claim? 

When an insurance company denies a roofing claim for one or more items on the initial estimate, the roofing company should contact their roof insurer immediately to determine why the roof was denied. Luckily, there are 3 possible solutions to denied roofing supplement claims. 

Request A Reinspection

Requesting a new inspection can be done by contacting your insurance company, or filing a formal appeal. If you contact your insurance company, they will likely send another adjuster to perform a new inspection.  If you file a formal appeal, you will need to provide evidence that supports your case and state why you believe the roofing company made an incorrect decision in denying your claim.

No matter which route you take, it is important to be as prepared as possible. This means gathering all of the relevant information about your roofing claim and presenting it in a clear, concise manner. The more evidence you have, the better your chances of having the denial overturned.

Hire An Engineer To Inspect The Property 

Hiring an engineer is another way to refute a claim that has been refuted. If the adjuster and contractor cannot agree on whether the damage is storm-related or whether there is enough damage to begin repairs, the homeowner may, in most situations, hire an engineer to assess the property on their own. 

If the engineer believes that the damage requires replacement, the insurance company will usually reimburse the engineer’s fees. If it is judged that there is insufficient damage to warrant replacement, the homeowner will be responsible for the cost of hiring the engineer.

Work With A Public Adjuster 

When roofing companies are denied insurance claims, it can be a difficult situation to handle. With the help of an experienced public adjuster, contractors will be able to take advantage of all available resources and receive what they deserve for their work.

Public adjusters know how to deal with different types of insurers and let them know that proper compensation must occur after any damage has been done during roofing projects. They also understand roofing codes and standards as well as local building regulations so nothing is missed throughout the entire process from start to finish.

  • Why Is It Better To Supplement Denied Claims? 

The best way to get your roofing company to get properly paid for your jobs, is to work with a supplementing company. Converting a denied claim into a full replacement is an excellent strategy to increase revenue.

 An adjuster may deny a roofing or siding insurance claim for a variety of reasons: they dispute the storm date, they didn’t conduct a thorough inspection, there wasn’t enough damage to warrant a replacement, or they believed the roof could be repaired rather than replaced.

Supplement companies have experience and knowledge, and can determine which denied claims should be refuted and which should be let go of. It’s easier to figure out which refused claims have the potential to develop into jobs with proper documentation and evidence.

  • Why Should I Work With A Supplementing Company?

If you’ve had a roofing claim denied, it can be frustrating. You may not know where to turn or what to do next. That’s where a supplementing company comes in. They can help you file the necessary paperwork and represent your best interests during the claim process.

Supplement Your Denied Claims 

Interested in supplementing denied claims? Do you want to handle denied claims professionally? The greatest option for you is to supplement your commercial roofing projects! If you’re looking for roofing supplements, contact Supplement Experts.

We make supplementing easier! We help roofing business owners in the supplementing process and only share approved and educated information. We work across the United States providing our top-quality roofing supplements. 



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