Supplementing A Siding Insurance Claim

A siding insurance claim is like any other homeowners insurance claim. If there has been damage to your home, you can file a claim with the company that insures it for loss or problems regarding the siding. If there is damage to your siding, but the insurance overlooked it during their inspections, don’t worry. There is still a chance to file an insurance supplement claim.

Supplementing A Siding Insurance Claim: What Is It?

Supplementing a siding insurance claim can be done after an initial inspection by the homeowner and then again following an inspector from the insurance company. After this first round of inspections, additional repairs that your inspector did not discover during the initial assessment can sometimes be needed.

Claiming A Supplement Siding Insurance Claim

It is important to know the details of your insurance policy before starting an insurance supplement


  1. Make sure you have already filed a complete and accurate report with your insurance company concerning damage done to your home. List any expenses that have already been paid out to you.
  2.  Find an authorized insurance inspector contracted with the company you file your siding supplement claim against.
  3. Once the report has been completed and given to the insurance company, a copy of all previous assessments and documents detailing repairs. Most companies will cover additional work for a certain amount of time after your inspector performed your initial assessment.


Similar to how there may be limitations based on weather conditions during the first siding inspection, the same alterations can also come into play for supplemental inspections. It can also depend on the time and place they were done and what kind of information has previously been documented by each party involved in your case.

Supplement Experts Can Help You Out

Supplement Experts offer supplemental inspections and reports to homeowners who need repairs made or issues found by their insurance companies paid out. If you don’t want to spend time finding the right authorized contractors and scheduling appointments for them, let Supplement Experts handle it instead. 


We can provide a long list of inspected contractors specializing in siding, extending your expert help to you.




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